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#59 "Never Have A Bad Day, Only Bad Moments" | A Music Junkies Podcast with Alana Karl

June 27, 2022 Annette Smith / Alana Season 1 Episode 59
Music Junkies Podcast
#59 "Never Have A Bad Day, Only Bad Moments" | A Music Junkies Podcast with Alana Karl
Show Notes

WHAT?  Alana is an AUDIOBOOK addict.  I turned her into a Music Junkie! 

She listened to the book ROOT - She says she learns so much from historical fiction.

And now here comes her first song. Alana needed to have her thoughts focused on BE STILL MY SOUL after being divorced for the second time and 7 children...  being still and having strength and hope was important.   Want to know what happened in her 14-year marriage?  Why that one end and then the next?  And WHAT?  She found the right one.  They say "the third is a charm".

Alana is so honest.  The marriage ended because of her.  She FELL out of LOVE. 

I do laugh.  Alana moved more towards her faith to move forward.  Faith, books, and are we thinking... NOW MUSIC BACK?   

She is right.  When she said to me, "what you see is what you get" and being similar?  That part I ABSOLUTELY AGREE.  I AM what you get and see. :)

Alana's interesting story is about being a HAPPY GIRL yet crying, and fix your makeup, and moving on.  And she's grateful to learn how she had to change.  Very interesting how she explains this.

The Management of your expectations is important...  You have to hear why!  Because her answer is GOLD.

A THOUSAND YEARS seems like no time at all.  This song was her first dance at her wedding.  What is YOUR fast forward in your life?  7 kids and triplets!!  It's all about making things what you are.
Alana has a very big FAITH, and she is adamant - about child trafficking and freedom.

She came back with that we NEED TO FIND HAPPINESS in this world to outweigh the NEGATIVE.

Powerful message if you have faith and belief.  And WHAT???  SMACKING ON THE BUTT?  BURNING HAND?  (No not burning man... she had her hand on fire!)

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